Fruit of Biblical Worship

Worship By The Book ed. D. A. Carson contains four essays by men from different denominations about producing Biblically focused worship. The last chapter of the book was written by Tim Keller who is the pastor of a Presbyterian church in Manhattan called Redeemer Presbyterian Church.

In his chapter, Keller provides three tests for determining if your church’s worship is biblical, but before I go into that. . .

What does it mean to have ‘biblical worship?’ The Father has revealed many things to us in His word including who He is, what He desires from us, and how He affected redemption for us through the sacrifice of Jesus. Biblical worship means that we seek to worship God in ways that He has revealed that He would like to be worshiped. Example: scripture tells us that God is holy and righteous so He would not like us to worship him by sacrificing children like Baal worshipers. Modern Example: in 1 Corinthians 14, Paul is presenting a discourse on the use of tongues in the church worship. He sums up the point of what He is saying in verse 26 where he says, “Let all things be done for edification.”(NAS) So at New City Fellowship we try to translate everything that is said in service into Spanish or French so that non-English speakers who are there will be edified; they won’t be completely lost and confused. We believe that is what the Bible teaches.

Anyway . . . Tim Keller has a few ideas for ways to test whether your church is biblical, which I think I will save for later . . .

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