Summer Updates

I have been upgraded at New City Fellowship from 30 hours to 40 hours a week. This is a huge help for my wife and I because of the added benefits. It is also exciting for me to be able to have time during the week to work on some of the more long term goals of the Music Team.

How will I use the extra time?

  • I hope to spend more one-on-one time with team members either to encourage them spiritually or to have special rehearsals or music coaching.
  • I have purchased Home Studio 2 with the intention to make demos of new songs and perhaps eventually to demo songs for every Sunday.
  • New ensembles like the African Praise Team or special event choirs can begin to form.
  • More attention can be given to the music needs of youth and children.
  • I’d like to create more arrangements for the auxiliary instruments that are in the team (viola, cello, trombone, trumpet, etc).

Sarah and I took a trip to Chattanooga a few weeks ago. My dad and I took advantage of every opportunity we had to play music together. This was a wedding reception that we played at together.

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