A Crazy Weekend

Sarah and I went out Friday night to our favorite Mexican restaurant, and then enjoyed picking out maternity clothes for Sarah and paternity clothes (ha ha) for me at Kohl’s.

The next day during our worship team rehearsal, I got this funny feeling in my bowels in the middle of practicing “I’m a Soldier” and had to run to the bathroom. So, I had to leave the band to finish rehearsal by themselves while I went home and spent the rest of the day sick. I know it’s kind of gross to talk about stuff like that in this context, but it was an interesting learning experience as a music director that they don’t really teach you in school.
-Beware of bad Mexican food

A few hours later a massive storm blasted over St. Louis and knocked out the power in our part of town. Sarah and I had a pleasant evening of playing Monopoly by candlelight. (She kicked my butt.) In the morning, the power was still not on and due to the fact that we live on the church property, we knew that the power was out in the church, too.

As I lay in bed thinking of all the things we could do to have church without the benefit of electronic instruments, microphones, or projected lyrics (the backbone of contemporary worship music*), I got a call from my pastor who informed me that he was bringing a generator that could run everything. Woo Hoo! It seemed like a quick fix, but it took us about an hour of experimenting before we could get the equipment to cooperate. The generator was not able to provide power to the lights or the AC, so it was still an uncomfortable service. Adolphine Mukendi commented, “I feel like I’m back in the Congo.” My wife confirmed how common blackouts are in Africa.

My bowels were functioning properly on Sunday (Praise the Lord!) but I still had some unpleasant experiences this morning. Ugg!

*by saying that electrical devices are the “backbone” of contemporary worship it should not be inferred that these supersede the work of the Holy Spirit, the fellowship of believers, or the ministry of the Word of God in our worship (as Paul would say, “By no means!” ) I am simply saying that the style of music our church uses and the size of our congregation necessitate these amenities. While we worked to restore the electricity on Sunday morning, we always knew that the real power to worship was not in those material things, and we were not about to let these circumstances steal the joy of worship from us that morning. If the Devil doesn’t like it he can sit on a tack!

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