OK, God, I get the point!

Have you ever had a time in your life when God seemed to be quite obviously trying to teach you something specific?
Right now, God seems to be quite specifically trying to teach me to be a leader. I am taking two classes this semester that have a leadership emphasis, and they both demand that I take a lot of diagnostics tests to better understand my leadership style. I am also taking a Sunday School class called “Team Ministry” in which I have been confronted with my sinful tendency to take a far to independent approach to leading. I experienced it this Sunday when all sorts of things were going wrong and I was the only person who seemed capable to fix them. What was the problem? I had not properly trained the people on my team to use the equipment. I was not being a team player; I was being a cowboy. Even our birthing preparation class is the “husband coach” method that requires that I become a coach to my wife through the next few months by making her eat right and do certain exercises.
I personally don’t like talking about leadership a whole lot. I see my role as a leader to be simply a specific type of service that I happened to be called to do. I’m reading a book for one of my classes called “Leaders on Leadership.” A lot of the stuff in it reminds me of those posters you see hanging in banks that have some picture of a guy rock climbing. At the bottom of the poster there is always some word in all caps like STRATGY with a quote from some one like Lee Iacocca or Ben Franklin.
What is God preparing me for? Is it just my job at the church? Or is he preparing me to be a better husband and father?

  1. #1 by Rob Hatch on September 14, 2005 - 8:40 am

    So, what are the resources, books, tests etc that you are finding helpful in your leadership development. I find that so often the church looks to the CEO model for leadership, which often becomes overpowering, abusive and personality focused. I want to marry the effectivness of leadership with the scriptural model of servantood. (Just like Jesus did). Are the resources you are getting plugging you into that model?

  2. #2 by kirk on September 19, 2005 - 8:39 pm

    Honestly Rob, I have been very disappointed with the text we have been reading called “Leaders on Leadership.” It is very much the CEO model that you described.
    Taking the Meyers-Briggs has helped me to know more about my own disposition and to think about my team’s various personalities. But, all of this stuff seems to rub me the wrong way. Especially as I am trying to understand Sonship concepts. Leadership training seems to be far too performance driven.

  3. #3 by Darwin on October 13, 2005 - 3:58 pm

    Welllllll……your “job at Church” is a pretty big one. But, not bigger than being a husband and father. So, indeed…..He’s attempting to prepare you for the aforementioned and blessings yet to come. You don’t HAVE to be a CEO. And, even at that….CEO’s have COO’s(they are who are actually runnin’ things). By all means, an empowerment approach, when you’re the “chief” makes for happier team members. But, then, YOU have to be sure about who you empower. I’m afraid that there’s no gettin’ around it. When one is the “leader”, one has to “lead”(in some shape or form) and, actually, is expected to do so. In my judgement, what we have FAR too many examples of are leaders, who are human, messin’ up – but not taking responsibility for doing so. With the exception of covert or overt sinning while in the leadership position, do know that it’s understood that “flawed” leadership will be done. At those times, own it, learn from it, and keep leadin’. My two cents – hope it helps Darwin

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