Gifts Ideas from WITC

Here are a few tips from Worship in the City for some holiday gifts that you might enjoy:
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Worship in Spirit and Truth-John Frame
This is an excellent primer on the meaning and role of worship in the life of the believer. Frame gives an excellent biblical overview of worship as well as address some specific controversies that effect the church. I would make this required reading for the NCF music team if I could.
Lies My Music Teacher Told Me-Gerald Eskelin
I read this book for my Music Theory 101 course in college. If you have a basic knowledge of music theory, it is a really fun read. Sometimes it can get kind of technical, but it is short with lots of personal stories and visual examples.
Worship By the Book-Ed. D.A. Carson
This book provides four different perspectives of biblically centered worship from different traditions. The final chapter by Tim Keller is excellent.
Standing in the Shadows of Motown
Live performances mixed with interviews, pictures and history present the story of the forgotten sidemen of all the Motown hits. You will fall in love with Motown all over again.
Bio pic of Mozart with a made up story of a rival composer who rejects God out of spite for giving such a wretched man as Mozart such talent. “Mediocrities of the world, I absolve you!”
This Is Spinal Tap
A true classic. How much more funny could this film get? The answer is none, none more funny.
tom canta.jpg
Tom Canta Vinicius: Ao Vivo-Antonio Carlos Jobim
If you are a Jobim fan, this is an excellent live recording. It has an intimate sound like they are playing right in your living room. I don’t have it, but I got it for my dad once and I have always regretted that I gave it to him instead of keeping it for myself.
The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan
This recording changed my mind about Dylan. He has a bluesy-rootsy vocal sound that is far from the caricatures people make of him. The man has an amazing ability to rip your heart out and hand it to you with a song, if you’re in to that sort of thing.
Show Biz Kids: The Steely Dan Story 1972-80
I wanted to pick a Steely Dan recording, but I couldn’t decide, so I will cop-out and just put this greatest hits 2 disc set.
Nothing But a Burning Light -Bruce Cockburn
A pre- ‘O Brother’ T-Bone Burnett produced this jem, so you can expect lots of dobro and excellent organ parts. Cockburn is an excellent Canadian song-writer who has a love for Christ that is a lot different from the polished Nashvillians of CCM.
Earth Wind & Fire: Greatest Hits
I spent an entire summer in college with this as the only cassette in my car’s stereo. EWF is so sweet! My favorite track will always be ‘September’ because of the killer guitar riff.

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