Ten reasons why I love Monday

As a person who vocationally ministers on the weekends, I get to take my day off on Mondays. Here are a few reasons why Monday is the best day of my week:
10. Time to be an introvert– My weekend work requires that I become a maximum extrovert. Sometimes it is so nice to be alone.
Calmed Down
9. Waiting for the mail to arrive- Is it just me or is getting mail like a tiny version of Christmas everyday?
8. Guitar for pleasure, not for pay.
7. A long shower in the morning.
6. My lunch hour- Three letters: C. S. I.
5. Being able to do chores for my wife- This might sound trite, but I personally find acts of service to be the most natural way for me to express love. Bring on the dishes!
4. Time for reading-I finished “The Great Divorce” and started on Harry Potter book 2.
3. Spending the morning with Joanna-She is in the best mood right after her morning meal which is usually when I am just leaving for work.
Laughing with Daddy
2. Extra long devotions with Sarah.
1. A whole day with my family

  1. #1 by Rinnie on February 7, 2006 - 7:50 am

    It’s so fun to see pictures of you and Joanna – I can’t wait to meet her. She’s looking nice and chunky!!

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