Worthy Is The Lamb Conference

Monday night through Wednesday afternoon, I attended a conference sponsored by Covenant Seminary for worship leaders. It was a very encouraging experience. The speakers (Scotty Smith, Bryan Chapel, and Mark Dalbey) and the musicians (Ryan McMillen, Claudia Wootten, and a group of seminary folks) did an excellent job, but the Lord had me there for a specific reason that was not a programmatic feature of the conference. He had me there to fellowship and meet several music directors like myself.
I was in a small group that included Jeffery Heyl. Jeffery is the director of worship music at a gigantic PCA church here in St. Louis called “The Kirk of the Hills” that everyone just refers to as “The Kirk.” It took me a while to figure out that they were not talking about me. The Kirk has a very traditional Southern Presbyterian style of worship that is a million miles from what my church does stylistically. Jeffery and I had some really cool conversations about some of our common struggles. It was really nice to sit with someone (other than my dad) who has been in this line of work for many years and to find areas of commonality and to encourage each other. He invited me to bring the NCF music team to the Reformation Day service in October. That was really exciting.
I also connected with the music director from Chesterfield Pres, Ryan McMillen. Chesterfield is a large suburban church that has a contemporary style of worship. Ryan has been there for four years and is closer to my age than Jeffery. NCF and Chesterfield are developing a very close relationship because of our common desire to do mercy ministry in the city. I told Ryan that we aught to have our worship teams interact together sometime. We are going to “do lunch” next week.
There were several other music directors that I had good conversations with and got a lot of encouragement. I went into the conference feeling very much like the outsider because of my youth and because…well…I’m from New City. However, by the end of the conference I was so encouraged.

  1. #1 by Rinnie on March 17, 2006 - 6:29 am

    There was a similar conference here a little bit ago and Scotty Smith was here (maybe the same conference?!) and it was also a real encouragement to our music director (a good friend of ours.) Glad you got such good fellowship and encouragement. Thanks again for lending us Sarah and Joanna last week – it was so good to have them here and to get to know Joanna a bit.

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