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What are two ways to instantly improve your playing? Just buy two simple devices: A tuner and a metronome.
If you are out of tune, you will sound bad. If you are in tune, you are one step closer to sounding good. These are super cheap, and yet people act like they are a luxury. Why not pass on eating out this week, or pass on buying the new Flaming Lips CD, and pick up a tuner!

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What a tuner can do for your intonation, a metronome can do for you internal sense of time. If you practice without a metronome to keep you honest, then you will develop bad habits of time. Playing with bad time is almost as bad as playing out of tune. A good metronome is a little more expensive, especially if you get one that has a cool wood block kind of sound and not an annoying electronic beeping noise. You can get ones that can accent downbeats or imply different meters, but if you get a simple one then you have to develop the skill of hearing the meter and accents on your own. As you first start to work with a metronome, you should set the beat to equal quarter notes in 4/4, or eighths in 6/8, but as you get comfortable with that, you should set the metronome to play the backbeat, 2 and 4, which will give you the feeling of playing with a drummer.

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    And here are another 47 uses for your metronome by Emily Grossman.

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