Bob Dylan a Christian?

One of my pastors let me listen to an interesting CD, “Gotta Serve Somebody: The Gospel Songs of Bob Dylan.” It is a specially produced recording of various black gospel artists performing some of the best songs from Dylan’s “Christian” period.
It has some good tracks on it. I pretty much dig everything on it except the Aaron Neville (I can never seem to stomach Aaron’s vocal style.) But, other than that there is a great line up of gospel performers (Shirley Caesar, Chicago Mass Choir, Mighty Clouds of Joy, and Rance Allen to name a few.) It’s cool to hear these tunes reproduced by accomplished gospel artists who can do justice to the emotion of Dylan’s poetry and song craft.
Is Bob Dylan still a Christian? That’s not my job to judge. There is a whole group of musicians and celebrities in the secular sphere that Christians love to speculate about their faith. Bono, Bruce Cockburn, Bob Dylan, Jessica Simpson (wait…scratch that last one.)
Do have a favorite artist in the secular market who has professed to follow Jesus or who you have suspicions about?

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