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No one officially tagged me for this, but I love movies so much that I have been sitting on the sidelines waiting. Normally, I don’t crash a party without an invitation, but as one of the founding fathers of St Louis blogs, I think I have earned the right.
1) What is a movie that changed the way you think and act? Or just got you thinking, if the first question is too intimidating.
When I was in middle school, I watched the movie “Reality Bites” and became obsessed with Ethan Hawk’s coolness. I think that it created this platonic ideal of coolness in my brain that still lingers in my subconscious. (For example that last
sentence I just wrote would be something like what Hawk’s character would
2) It’s a late autumn evening and rainy and cold? What do you have for dinner/snack? What movie do you pop in the DVD player?
Snack: Ice Cream
Movie: The Incredibles
3) You are off to wee Himalayan hamlet for a year, your laptop hard drive can hold one film. What will it be?
Lord of the Rings
4) What movie made you laugh the hardest? What movie made you cry?
I love comedies, but they always make me laugh more when quoted. Here’s a list of some of my favorite films to quote in no particular order: The Big Labowski; Raising Arizona; Monty Python and the Holy Grail; Spinal Tap; Bottle Rocket; The Three Amigos; Spies Like Us; The Jerk; Fletch; UHF;
I cry at almost every movie I see. The hardest I’ve cried I think was after In America.
5) Favorite actor (female, male)?
I am more likely to look at who the director is than the actors, but there are a few folks off the top of my head that I especially like:
Actresses-Rachel Weiz (she reminds me of Sarah), Toni Collette, Audrey Hepburn, Holly Hunter, Reese Witherspoon
Actors-Cary Grant/George Clooney (their the same guy, right?), Gary Sinise, Don Cheadle, Ian Holm, Edward Norton, Jack Black, Will Ferrell
6) What book or story would you like to see made into a film or what book do you love that could never be made into a film?
Neil said Perelandra, but I would say That Hideous Strength. In my mind I see the whole thing as a really cool movie, but it would never get made.
7) What is a movie that immediately after you watched it, you wish you hadn’t?
A Clockwork Orange, Monster’s Ball, American Pie
8) Do you read movie reviews? Before, after, never? Whose reviews do you find the best? Are you an analyzer?
Yes, I am most likely to read Good ol’ Roger Ebert, but I also value to opinions of friends and family highly. Yes, I analyze like crazy, but my wife doesn’t. So, we comprise: I will analyze for only about 5 minutes after a movie.
9) What movie do you think is a must see, but that you can only recommend with caveats? What movie do you really like, but can only recommend with caveats?
There are comedies that only certain people will like (UHF, Bottle Rocket, Napolean Dynamite)
There are dramas that are important, but hard to watch (Schindler’s List, American History X)
There are Romantic Comedies that my wife and I love to watch together, but they are only for the truly sappy (How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, 50 First Dates, Laws of Attraction)
10) What movie do you most wish to share with your friends?
The Station Agent
Now tag at least 5 people.
Sarah told me she didn’t want to be tagged, so…

  1. #1 by Neil E. Das on August 16, 2006 - 2:44 pm

    Kirk, you certainly have the right to chip in here, oh St. Louis Blogfather. I am very amiss for not including Rachel Weisz on my list. She is definitely there. Oh, and ditto on Audrey Hepburn. Oh my goodness, yes.
    I do think That Hideous Strengh would make for a better movie and you are right that it would never get made. Just last night I was re-reading the last few chapters. Great stuff. Makes me want to write a paper.
    Have you notice that a fair number of Ethan Hawke’s films have voiceovers: “Snow Falling on Cedars,” “A Midnight Clear,” and “Gattaca” come to mind. A Midnight Clear is brilliant by the way. Fairly violent, but poignant with a startling clear representation of a Christ figure.

  2. #2 by Heidi Vincent on August 16, 2006 - 3:18 pm

    Good ones! By the way, Station Agent was one of the coolest movies I have watched in a long time. Have you seen Life is Illuminated? If not, I think you would like it. Warning: highly quotable!
    P.S. Edward Norton IS a great actor!

  3. #3 by mason on August 16, 2006 - 9:05 pm

    I think we watched A Clockwork Orange for the first time together. Or was it Pulp Fiction? Either way, an odd piece of work. It’s sort of ascended to the same space as Scarface. That being a massive cultural touchstone that everyone references for its coolness, but few can provide much explanation as to why it’s not a total piece of crap. I’ve had the Kubrick box set for nearly 4 years now and that’s the only one still in the wrapping…

  4. #4 by kirk on August 17, 2006 - 9:46 am

    I do remember watching “Pulp Fiction” with you and maybe Kevin in my dad’s studio.
    I think we once watched “A Clockwork Orange” at Will’s house with Phil, David, and Josh. We had tried to watch it several times, but couldn’t find it in any video stores, so it got built up as this really great movie that we had to find and watch. After the movie was over, those guys were so disgusted and mad at us for recomending it.
    I loved “The Shining” and “Dr. Strangelove,” but I couldn’t stomach “Full Metal Jacket” or “Eyes Wide Shut.” I need to watch “2001” again and I’ve never seen “Sparticus” so I can’t give my opinions on those. I’d like to know which one was your favorite.

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