Sovereign Grace CD- Songs for the Cross Centered Life

I bought this CD for our ministry this week. I have enjoyed it immensely. It has at least one classic, “Before the Throne Of God Above.” But aside from that song, what drew me to it was a new arrangement of Isaac Watt’s “Alas and Did My Savior Bleed” that Bob Kauflin wrote. I love the words that Watts wrote, but they have always been stuck in a rather uninspiring musical setting. Making things worse is the cheesy refrain (which Watts did not write), which has the line, “and now I am happy all the day.” Maybe Kauflin’s arrangement will help revive Watt’s poetry in our church.
There are a few other cool songs on the CD that have grown on me the more I listen. The CD is intentionally focused on the gospel of Jesus Christ. What a refreshing break from one more CD of worship music filled with lyrics like “We worship you” “I’m gonna worship” “You gotta worship” etc. In our worship services, we don’t avoid any repetitive choruses like that, but we try to give a context for our worship and thanksgiving. It is so exciting to sing a song like “In Christ Alone” or “Be Ye Glad” and then follow it up with a song like “You Are Good” or “O Give Thanks”.
I recommend this recording as a great source for corporate worship music or if you just want something to lead you in personal worship time. Stylistically, it has a few rockers, but it is in a “Counting Crows” kind of sound. “Alas and Did…” has a beautiful strings/piano arrangement behind a single soprano voice. It is distinctly modern sounding. I can dig it.
you can purchase the recording here.

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