Facebook: the Opiate of the Masses

My wife and I were introduced to Facebook a few weeks ago and now I am a lot less motivated to blog. Once more blog guilt has set in and I start to feel like my blog is mad at me.
I enjoy Facebook, but it just seems to take up all my online time. I have also reached a point where the initial surge of building a list of “friends” and creating little groups has plateaued and now I just open up the news feed and read about other people’s “status” or that they removed “I Know What You Did Last Summer” from their “favorite movies”.
Another problem is that I made the unfortunate mistake of including several of our church’s youth in my list of friends. Of course, I don’t have a problem with these folks, it’s just that with school out, it seems that they have nothing to do but mess around on Facebook. I have changed my preferences on the news feed to show as little as possible from the youth, but their activity still dominates the Facebook community. What can I do now? Ask them to become my ex-friends?
I also toyed with the “Applications” features. I can’t get past the page where they tell you that all your information will be accessed by some third party. My “Big Brother” alarm goes off. I imagine my email being flooded with spam and whatnot. Has anyone added applications to their Facebook with success?
Ah, my good old blog. You won’t let me down.

  1. #1 by Heidi Vincent on June 28, 2007 - 11:34 am

    How do you go about ex-friending somebody in a gracious manner? Tough. What if you change your status 20 times a day so that others decide to unfriend you?
    P.S. Big Brother…ahhh gotta add “1984” to my facebook favorite books. If only facebook would create the “How To Break Your Facebook Addiction” application.

  2. #2 by Jenny Fox Shain on June 29, 2007 - 2:59 am

    Hi Kirk,
    It’s Jenny from South City here. Hey, Parker & I lead the youth down here & we are looking for youth volunteers who can play the guitar… Do you happen to know of anyone who might be willing to help out? Stephan is leaving us : ( and we really need someone who can play the guitar. I sing. The youth play the drums, & they’re pretty good. But, it’s difficult without a guitar you know. We’ve had a hard time adapting our group into kids who worship, I mean transitioning to that. We want them to be truly engaged in worship.
    Let me/Parker know if you have any ideas. Do you know folks who might be interested in helping us?
    We meet on Thurs nights at 7pm. (we just changed it). Also, we need youth mentors/volunteers in general to help us lead the youth & keep them focused. Maybe you know some folk! Pass it on!
    Jenny Shain

  3. #3 by katiek on June 29, 2007 - 7:57 am

    Myspace is addicting but what keeps me from wanting to be there very long are all the animated (and poorly animated at that) ads that surround the permiter of your profile! I have found that Myspace is the more affordable way of contacting my church friends (they are texting freaks!!). Yes, I do love the aesthetically pleasing mood of all the terrablogs.

  4. #4 by kirk on June 29, 2007 - 2:15 pm

    I’m not a myspace fan. (I do like the music player feature which seems to be a big draw to myspace.) I prefer facebook for is visual simplicity and uniformity. Myspace seems to have such an emphasis on self expression, but it seems like the result is just a bunch of ugly and obnoxious pages. You can’t control a whole lot on facebook, and personally I prefer that for now.
    Sarah and I for a few weeks couldn’t stop calling facebook, “MyFace” by mistake. As in “I was looking at MyFace today…”

  5. #5 by Sam on July 4, 2007 - 8:30 pm

    Hey, just sent a friend request for facebook to help you continue to fuel the addiction. Also wanted to tell you that we did “Jesus, My Only Hope” from Songs for the Cross Centered Life this past Sunday…thanks for the review.

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