Holiday Season Prayer Requests

Music Team Prayer Requests
-pray for the inclusion of Liberians, Congolese, and Burmese musicians in South City
-pray for the inclusion of Congolese musicians in U City
-pray for the Youth and Mass choirs at U city to be filled with people who have a desire to lead worship in spirit and in truth for God’s glory
-pray for technically gifted people to help with sound and text at both sites
-pray for a piano accompanist to has the time and the sense of calling to serve the Youth Choir
-pray me to learn to delegate, to empower and to equip the musicians in our church to offer their gifts to the Lord in service
-pray for the musicians in our church to feel refreshed with enriching and inspiring aesthetic experiences, instead of feeling burnt out by being over-scheduled, over-extended and frustrated
-pray for the freedom of the unleashed gospel to be poured out on our congregation every week in our music
These things have been making me anxious over the past few weeks and I am tired of carrying their weight on my heart! The bible encourages me to “not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present [my] requests to God.” Phil 4:6.
Please pray with me for these things.

  1. #1 by James Ward on November 18, 2007 - 8:15 pm

    I’ll pray for you, Kirk.

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