2 New Songs on One Sunday!

I went with a risky decision to introduce 2 new songs on one Sunday. Actually, one of the two is the Chris Tomlin version of “When I Survey The Wondrous Cross” which is not really new. It just adds a new refrain that’s really easy to pick up. Plus anyone under 40 in the church will probably know it already (at least the white folks).
The other new song is one I wrote back in 2003 that has been on the back burner until now. It is one from my post college period that was an extremely creative time for me because I was living on an extremely small income thanks to having connections in Chattanooga, and so most of my days were spent reading stimulating books, playing guitar, and writing songs. Having just completed my jazz studies, I wrote several songs that were more complex than the average worship tune including “Before I Knew”, “Search Me”, “Greater Is He Who Is In Us”, and this morning’s song “Rejoice In The Lord” which is based on Philippians 4:4,8,9. Here’s the lyrics:
Whatever is true
Whatever is noble
Whatever is right
Whatever is pure
Whatever is lovely
Whatever is admirable
If anything is excellent
Or praiseworthy
Think about such things
Put ’em in to practice
And the God of peace
The God of peace
Will be with you.
Rejoice in the Lord always 4X
The groove is a kind of Steely Dan thing. If only St. Louis’ own Michael McDonald could be here to sing back up!
Update: I just got back from church. The 2 songs went great! Sometimes I begrudge Tomlin for his success, but the refrain he wrote is really good. And my song went over pretty well despite not having Michael McDonald. That song might take a few more performances to really hit the congregation.

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