Leadership Training

Our staff here at the church has begun a phase of leadership training. All of us are leaders of our various ministries, but few of us have had any specific training in how to lead from our pastors. I am really excited about it because I feel pretty helpless and clueless most of the time. Some of you who know me might find that surprising because I come to practice and try to be very assertive with how things should happen. However most of the week, I feel like I’m drowning a lot of the time. I can’t seem to figure out how to use my time well. I feel overwhelmed with details and busy work. I loose focus on the big picture and start to get perfectionist and picky about little things (I’ve spent hours working on one chart to get everything just right.) I can spend all week staring at the computer and never speak to one member of my team. I can get bogged down in emails that never seem to have any real point. I can waste my work time writing blog posts…
Anyway, I have a lot of questions but it feels good. Like I’m on the verge of something big.
Here’s one thing that has kind of blown my mind. I realized yesterday that I have a real victim mentality when it comes to leadership. Like I am this martyr who is put into the position of having to take care of everyone and to be the person who attends to all the details. I told the staff yesterday that sometimes I feel like there’s a giant funnel of stuff dangling over my shoulders and every little thing drops into the funnel and onto me to take care of it because I’m the one with the keys, the skills, the contacts, the authority, etc.
Then after I shared it, Barry told me that other way to look at it was that I am a bottleneck.
Because I am trying to sinfully control everything, I am not allowing the work and the details to flow smoothly, so it’s just a huge bottle neck of progress. I definitely feel that way about my leadership in South City. Its seems like there is always a dump truck load of little things that have to be taken care of by me and yet I am failing to get any done efficiently or well.
Control verses Empowerment is root issue. How do I let go of the dictatorial drive to control everything and how do I get into the process of empowerment?

  1. #1 by Helen Scott on February 14, 2008 - 5:24 pm

    You’re not alone. I feel the same way at school where I am constantly trying to put together curriculum for my students. It seems there is never one way that works from class to class or semester to semester. What worked last time doesn’t this time; new mix of kids and attitudes and school schedules. So much of my time I feel like I’m a lousy teacher yet I keep getting encouragement back from those same kids that they are really getting a lot out of the classes and plays. It’s a mystery. Must be God. It sure keeps me humble.

  2. #2 by Dad on March 3, 2008 - 6:52 am

    I had a similar Eureka moment yesterday during a Sunday off. I had conducted the praise team rehearsal on Saturday with less than stellar results. I woke up worrying about the Sunday services on a day when I was supposed to be relaxing!
    Beth and I visited North Shore in the am, and Joe Novenson happened to be preaching. His message was on Abraham, a very flawed man who ‘slept with the kitchen help’ but whom God said ;through you the nations will be blessed.’ The sermon was about the ‘gap’ between Genesis 16 and 17 and between our inadequacy and God’s peerless power.
    I walked out of that message with a freedom from worry! I need to go hear great preaching more often on my Sundays off.

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