Great Worship Resources

I was sick last week. That is pretty typical for me after a big weekend like the Black History Program. So, I was basically in survival mode for a while. As a result I feel behind in blog stuff because I actually have a lot to write about. I’ll give you a summary of what I might write about as I have time.

The Art Of Worship by Greg Sheer

This was a really excellent book. It’s incredibly practical. It basically teaches everything you would have to do to set up and maintain a modern worship band ministry. I’ve read a couple of other books similar to this one, but I must say The Art of Worship is my new favorite. I would not recommend it as a devotional or theological text on worship; it’s not written for those purposes.
This is a new website that my dad told me about that I am little obsessed with right now. Basically, it has taken all of my Excel, Access, and web resources and combined them into one easy and customizable service. I hope it will open up my schedule to do more flesh and blood ministry and less logistical busy-work.
South City Delegation
I’m currently in the process of working with our South City team to get them into a self-sustaining system. Delegation! Empowerment! Freedom!
By the way, my wife is 2.5 cm dilated. The baby is full-term, and we have about 2 weeks till the predicted due date.

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