Paul Beloche responds to “Why won’t my worship team practice?”

I dig Paul Beloche’s training DVD’s. This clip is from a website I just discovered that has tons of articles and clips and cool stuff. Watch this and then think about what is the motivation for excellence that Beloche is talking about? Is this gospel driven? Performance (guilt/fear/orphan) driven? Is Psalm 33 a legit scripture to cite as a justification for our music team to “take it up a notch”?

  1. #1 by Heidi Vincent on April 24, 2008 - 12:14 pm

    This is great! I think not only do we need to be praying that God would put Psalm 33:3 and 1Cor 25:7 in our hearts as musicians, but that when He does he will provide time and man power to do the equipping. I remember wanting to practice but couldnt. There I was trying to learn a song on my own without a keyboard, without the ability of reading notes and felt so depressed that I didnt even want to sing anymore. I was under attack- operating out of the orphan mentality. I was thinking if I try and fail the rest of the team will be so disappointed and God will be displeased (not trying was out of the question). After that, I remember taking my concern before a music team member asking for prayer; the more I started to pray and hear the other musicians struggles the more I learned that God will direct and bless the heart we bring to praise Him-meaning-the more we love God the more we desire to be excellent for Him. And, as far as learning goes, Paul is right there are patterns which practice helps us discover.

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