New Song: Your Presence Is Here

Here’s a rough demo:

This song was written with several things in mind:
-What does it mean to worship a resurrected Jesus? Because of the resurrection, we have the Holy Spirit as a gift within us and we no longer need a physical temple.
-How does the worship experience driven by the gospel and result in justice?
-I was also trying to write within the genre of a “praise chorus”. These are short, simple and designed to be easy to learn and internalize within one service. There are so many bad choruses out there that I thought I would try my hand at writing a good one. You be the judge.
-I was also making a somewhat obvious reference to the song “The Presence of the Lord Is Here” as performed by Byron Cage. That song basically says that God’s presence is something that shows up when we worship with the purpose of giving us a blessing. That’s not bad, but the songs seems to take an attitude that is a little to close to the prosperity gospel. The special section at the end says, “I can feel the presence of the Lord, and I’m gonna get my blessing, RIGHT NOW!” I wanted to write a song that emphasized that being close to God results in sharing his heart for the oppressed, the broken hearted, the orphan, and widow.
-Finally, I wanted to write a song that would make millions of dollars for me. No, wait…scratch that.
Read on for the lyrics.

Your presence is here
Your presence is here
we no longer need a temple
for your Spirit to draw near
When we gather here together
your word has made it clear
that this place is holy ground
because your presence is here
Your mercy is here
your mercy is here
we no longer make atonement
for your mercy to draw near
The blood of Christ has cleansed us
Your word has made it clear
That we are a holy people
because your mercy is here
Your justice is here
Your justice is here
we no longer fear oppression
for your justice will draw near
We will break the bonds of evil
your word has made it clear
we are a light unto the nations
because your justice is here

  1. #1 by Heidi Vincent on May 18, 2008 - 2:35 pm

    Lyrically, it’s solid; it is refreshing to hear a song about how God’s presence brings our hearts closer to His (full of mercy, looking out for the oppressed.etc). This would have been a good song for us southies today; our sermon was about the difference between prosperity gospel faith (the I have faith that God will bless me kind of faith) and true faith (the kind that is based on God seeking to make us more like Him).
    Musically, it may be nice to have a lyrically driven bridge to break up the pattern, but that may be because Im a sucker for long crescendoing bridges that open up into a modulated last verse. I suppose if all songs followed that pattern it would be too predictable.
    Thanks for sharing your song!
    P.S. I wish you and Sarah could have heard the Burmese kids sing. It was. Wow!

  2. #2 by Rinnie on May 18, 2008 - 9:39 pm

    Are you going to put it on your new CD? I enjoyed it – hope I get to hear it with a full band and vocalists sometime.

  1. This set list is so good that we can only make it worse « Worship In The City

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