God Killed Ezekiel’s Wife to Make a Point

There’s a line of theological thought out there that says that the good and bad things in your life are a measure of how good or bad your standing is with God. If a church or ministry is loosing members, is under attack, or financially hurting then they ask, “What are we doing to make God angry at us?” If a church or ministry is growing, financially loaded, and succeeding people look at them and try to copy their format to get their special sauce.
Ezekiel was being used by God in amazing ways to speak the truth in love to his people. He was faithful to God and gifted to speak His Word. But, God decided to kill Ezekiel’s wife.
Ezekiel 24:15-18
The word of the LORD came to me: “Son of man, with one blow I am about to take away from you the delight of your eyes. Yet do not lament or weep or shed any tears. Groan quietly; do not mourn for the dead…” So I spoke to the people in the morning, and in the evening my wife died. The next morning I did as I had been commanded.
I’ve had some hard stuff to deal with in the past months. Persistent health problems. Nothing serious, but enough to be a real thorn in my side. But, God has never made a promise to me that I would never suffer. He has never promised that I would be free from disease, loss, poverty, or violence. He has promised that I would be given the freedom to to take up my cross, sacrifice my life, give away my wealth, and suffer persecution in the name of Jesus.

  1. #1 by katiek on June 18, 2008 - 2:20 pm

    At the same time, there are things that the enemy does to trip us up in our persuit of growing in the Lord and advancing the Kingdom of God. Before we assume that all suffering is “my cross to bear” prayer against the enemies attempts is never a bad thing. Our heavenly Father is also always willing to give us good things, and asking is never a bad thing. If (for instance) your nagging health problems are hurting your ministry I would start thinking about what Satan might be doing, always with your eyes on Christ who works in you fully. Just offering another approach.
    We pray for your ailments every night, Kirk, the kids are really getting into ‘prayer for healing’!

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