Recording Project: electric tracking

magnatone.jpgYesterday I was back in the studio with Jacob. Despite the fact that my wife is sick again and was feeling pretty lousy. Her prayers were answered when both kids took their nap and gave her time to rest herself. Meanwhile, I was at sawhorse studios again and this time we were recording electric parts. I put new strings on the old Howard Roberts Fusion and it sounded great! I went back to my old gauge, .12 mm, which is a little fatter. It makes the tone more rich, less quack and more chunk. Jacob has an arsenal of amps and effects, so I left my rig at home. We use a big 2 x12 Koch amp for Before I Knew, but the rest was tracked on a 60’s era amp called a Magnatone that Jacob had. This amp had a really cool tremelo sound that we employed on My Eyes Are On You that took me back to Bruce Cockburn’s Nothing But A Burning Light recording. The other songs we did were New Creation, My Refuge, and Your Presence Is Here.
After we did those five tunes, we did scratch vocals for all the songs to make the whole process easier. For readers unfamiliar to the world of recording, “scratch” means we record a quick pass that is not intended for the final version; it is just used to help us be aware of where we are in the song. The actual vocals will be one of the last things that is recorded.
The next step will be setting up a time for the bass player to come in. That will happen after our trip to Chattanooga.
You can pray for more financial resources. I asked Jacob for an invoice because I don’t really know how much we owe him yet. I don’t think we have spent more that we have saved up, but it’s possible that the money will run out before tracking is completed.

  1. #1 by Heidi Vincent on July 1, 2008 - 2:56 pm

    “Less quack and more chunk” That’s good…I think. Did you turn your amp to 11?
    I’ll be praying for you guys.

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