Weak and wounded, sick and sore…

This week I got sick again. I had strep last month and lost a week of work. Then this week, coming back from my week long vacation, I got a bad cold. By Saturday night, I had lost my voice, my sinuses were clogged and my chest was full of mucus. I even called in Josh Henning on Sunday morning to come in and play the bass so that I could switch Peter Kuo over onto the guitar; then I changed my mind when it was too late to call Josh back and warn him.
Being sick made me mad at God. I had a cold, and all I could think was, “why am I sick again?” “Didn’t I suffer enough last month?” “Why am I specially selected to suffer so much?” I know it sounds childish and petty, but I want to be honest about how un-spiritual I get when a little discomfort comes. I relate a lot to Jonah who was mad at God for killing his shade vine.

I can say that a little sickness does a lot to root out sin. It sure keeps me humble about my own righteousness. I feel a lot more like the “weak and wounded, sick and sore” that Jesus stands ready to save.

  1. #1 by Heidi Vincent on July 23, 2008 - 1:25 pm

    This is one heck of a post today.
    I have a feeling my health (and many others’) is like the vine that is thriving one day and gone the next. My question is how do we respond to the inevitable anger and depression that comes after several vines have grown and shriveled (health issue after health issue)? REPENT! O.K. done that.
    I think?
    Do it again and again?
    I guess.
    Anyway, it’s good to know others are in similar battle and that God speaks to us in the midst of the battle. I pray God speaks to me as clearly as Jonah.
    Jacob, reminded me that some people never get well, but praise God even in pain and sadness. I thought “Wow, how?”

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