Recording Project: bass tracking

Yesterday, I returned to Sawhorse Studios to record bass parts with local bass master, Eric Grossman. Eric had an excellent sound and I was very pleased with the final product. We were able to complete the bass for half the tunes. We focused on the ones that needed a really hot bass part. Eric did a great job despite the fact that I failed to get the charts to him until last Friday, and he was too busy to be able to look at them (he was on tour in Texas.) I wonder if I had given him more time to prepare, if we would have been able to track more songs. Oh well. I am trying to decide whether to pay for another day with Eric because he has a really great sound.
I have to say that it was a tense session. Jacob has a day gig as a manager for Starbucks, and in the middle of the session, he found out that his boss was laid off in a corporate downsizing kind of deal. Combine that with Eric being a little flustered with my obtuse songs that are not very easy to pick up on the fly, especially when my charts didn’t exactly represent the form (or even the changes) very well. Sometimes a chart can do more to confuse the player than to help.
So Jacob would like to take the next session to focus on one song and try to get it more finished with layering guitars, keys and whatever. He said it will help to give us a little mental and emotional boost to hear a song start to sound more complete. I hope we can get a lot done before I hit the busy fall season.
In other news, Samuel is getting his first tooth. He also caught the cold that I just got over and Joanna is still wrestling with.

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