Recording Project: Search Me and Jesus My Great High Priest

This past Friday, Jacob and I got together to finish up our work on Search Me and to get started on Jesus My Great High Priest. I have to confess that this session was a little dry in the creative department. I felt like both of us were out of ideas. We experimented with different stuff, but J.M.G.H.P. was not really inspiring us too much. At the end of the session, Jacob started to develop some cool ideas with an acoustic in an alternate tuning. We decided to wrap it up for the day and, Jacob would do the acoustic part before our next session. It was kind of a bummer, so this weekend, I’ve been playing around with the song some to get the creative juices flowing.
In the meantime, Sarah and I are consumed with house hunting fever. Let us know if you know of any cool houses up for sale.

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