Recording Project: Delay Fish

The title is of course a reference to “Finding Nemo” because I feel like I have a delay fish swimming around with me. Jacob and I go through phases of extreme productivity and then phases of stagnancy. Jacob had to cancel two weeks in a row because of various issues. I’m not frustrated with Jacob; delays and schedule problems are a fact of life that he’s dealing with right now. Jacob’s day job is with Starbucks and as you might know, they are going through a retooling process that has involved layoffs, store closings, etc. So, I know that Jacob has been preoccupied with a lot of that.
At the same time, I am preoccupied with the house stuff on top of normal family and work responsibilities. Whenever Jacob has to cancel, my first response is usually, “Oh good, now I can hang out with Sarah and the kids.” I don’t want the recording to get put on the shelf, but maybe that’s just going to have to happen over the fall. Being an independent artist means that I have to fit recording time into my 40 hour a week day job as well as take time to give lessons to pay for the additional costs. God has been so good to get the project this far, and as the song says, “He didn’t bring me this far to leave me.”
Please pray for this recording that Jacob and I will find good times to work. Pray that Sarah and I will be able to have quality time even with this added schedule commitment.

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