Recording Project: Vocals

Last Friday, Jacob and I finished the lead vocals for Jesus My Great High Priest and Before I Knew. I was super sleepy the whole session. It’s getting kind of boring watch Jacob edit vocal parts. The novelty has worn off. But, I am thankful for his skill and taste. The final product sounds great. I’m hoping to have a few finished up to the point that I can put something up on my myspace page for everybody to hear.
House Update:
We continue to wait. Everybody is moving very slowly. The loan is taking a long time to approve because it involves approving contractor bids in addition to the house itself. Meanwhile, our contract has expired and so the house is technically back on the market. The seller has kept it off of and has taken down the sign, but they would not do a second extension on the contract without a loan commitment. So we are trying to remain optimistic that everything will turn out fine when the loan comes out of underwriting. We are also preparing to walk away for the deal if it gets too crazy. We might lose a lot of money, but we use that as an excuse to lose a lot more money.
Congratulations to President-elect Obama. How cool that the USA was able to finally elect a black man! I am also glad that Barak Obama professes to be a believer. May the Holy Spirit lead him in every decision.

  1. #1 by Heidi Vincent on November 5, 2008 - 9:51 am

    Yay OBAMA! Our street was cheering last night. Very exciting times!

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