Good news, but more prayer still needed

I’ve had a few developments in my life this week:
Our loan commitment happened yesterday, so we will probably close some time between Friday and Monday. After we close, the house will have some major work done that will take (Lord willing) 4-6 weeks. So at the earliest, we might move in sometime in January or February. We will need to purchase a washer and dryer, so let me know if any of you can help.
I was convicted yesterday in staff meeting that I had been frustrated with this house situation because I had an unrealistic sense of entitlement about what I deserved. I realized that God has used our real estate company to graciously bless us. We are receiving financial help from them to cover the closing costs which will easily cover the per diem charges that we’ve been accruing all this time. Please pray for us during the next phase of this process.
The other news I have relates to my arthritis. I saw my rheumatologist this morning and my condition has progressed to the point that he wants to start a more aggressive treatment. Up till this appointment I always left feeling like my doctor was not doing anything to help me, but today, I was glad that he was concerned because I’ve been concerned for a while now. More good news is that x-rays of my hands didn’t show any permanent bone damage. Please pray that God will use the next step in my treatment will help relieve my pain and protect my hands from any permanent damage.

  1. #1 by Heidi Vincent on November 19, 2008 - 12:40 pm

    That’s great! About the house. Hey, my mother-in-law had me do research this past week on rheumatoid and I was surprised by the kind of things recommended. I know you have a doctor, but if you ever wonder what natural heath practitioners say…I’m your man…well…

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