The Dark Knight Review

Last night, I posted on my facebook status that we were going to watch this movie and I got several responses from people about it. I guess that goes to show that this was a significant movie for more reasons than the untimely death of Heath Ledger. I thought I’d post a few quick reactions to the film.
The Joker
Heath Ledger did an excellent job, but I think the thing that struck me the most was the change of the Joker from the Nicholson psycho-clown to being more like a wild-card in a poker game. I liked it and it brought a whole new dimension to the character.
Harvey Dent/Two Face
I liked this role, too. Dent became a lot more real, more human. suppose that’s the point of this whole new Batman film-series.
I get pretty irritated with Bale’s gravelly Bat-voice. I guess he’s disguising his voice, but it just gets lame. I do like the character. I liked the challenge to him to find his identity as the “Dark Knight” who must choose to be an outcast in order to be the Gotham Messiah. Sounds familiar. “He was despised and rejected; a man of sorrow acquainted with grief.”
Commissioner Gordon
I must say the underrated award goes to Gary Oldman’s Commissioner Gordan. I really love his character. Gordon is like this nerdy hero who doesn’t try to be sexy and cool. He just cares about seeing justice done and taking care of business.
War on Terror
Garrett was asking me about if picked up any reference to President Bush and the war on terror. I think the big inconsistency I saw was in the difference between the religious conviction of Islamic Jihadists and the total postmodern chaos of the Joker. Torture and “by any means necessary” moral decisions played a big role. Dent’s moral downfall could be seen as a commentary on the failures of the post 9-11 justifications for war and torture. Batman as Bush is a big stretch I think.
I enjoyed the film immensely. Mostly because of the butt-kicking action.

  1. #1 by katiek on April 17, 2009 - 7:23 am

    I did like this film alot, but I saw it right after Tessa was born and I was overly sensitive to the violence and suspense. I had to watch it in sections while constantly adjusting the volume. I might have put the captions on just so I could keep the sound down and not miss dialogue. Very cool story, Bale seemed to be the only weakness.

  2. #2 by Heidi Vincent on April 17, 2009 - 9:46 am

    Yeah, I think Commissioner Gordon is a noble character, and I would agree with Katiek that a weakness of the film was Bale-namely his inability to transform into a believable Batman (as you mentioned, his voice was distracting, and I would add that he failed to pulled off the confident-yet-tortured-soul routine). Because Batman was a bit dim, Ledgers brilliant portrayal of the Joker stole the show. Some may argue that the Joker stole the show because of the mystique of Legers death, but I do not think that was why he was commended. I think it was more because Leger made the Joker his own-Not to mention, his acting was far superior to Bales which made him shine all the more.
    Having followed Batman since I was a kid, I love and hate every Batman movie. I think that is because in the comics the Batman character morphed SO often from his early bubble-gum, altruistic years to the Dark Knight years and I don’t always like the character elements directors choose to display; they too often choose to portray him as more powerful and less vulnerable then I would.
    Further more, they incorporate villains that often seem unfinished almost like filler characters (The Joker AND Two Face are HUGE exceptions). But a prime example of a filler character was Jim Carrey’s Riddler(from “Batman Forever”). I adore The Riddler He is quirky, geeky, but NOT a spazz. Jim Carey took it on and ICK…spazzy ! He turned him into a contorted fool that seems quite incapable of coming up with a riddle worth hearing. I guess the new Batman may use Johnny Depp which would be MUCH better! My my all the tangents. Glad you reviewed it. FUN!

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