Youth Sunday

This weekend we will be having our first ever (in my 5 years at NCF) Youth Sunday! Our Youth Director, Otto Scott, has been working with these young musicians since last summer. In March we had a special Friday night worship time in which the youth band led an hour of music by themselves. It was really cool; so I asked them to share their music in a Sunday morning service. Otto and I sat down together and picked the songs based on what they’ve been working on all this time. The band is made up of Josh Chapeau (a youth leader drummer), Karen Rice (a senior guitarist/bassist), Daniel Alexander (a sophomore guitarist), Will St. Pierre (a freshman guitarist) and Seth Brummund (an 8th grade pianist).
This band leads worship on Wednesday nights for the youth group. Otto was sharing with me that the funny thing is that the youth group meetings are mostly attended by non-Christian kids from the inner-city. We had this same effect in my youth group when I was growing up at NCF-Chattanooga. As a mission driven church that is reaching out to the poor, the youth who are already Christians and church members are soon thrown into the position of being missional leaders early. So every Wednesday, this rag-tag band has to lead a worship time for a bunch of non-Christian inner-city kids who probably only listen to hard-core hip-hop. Mercy, mercy, mercy!
The youth band will be teaching a new song this weekend from Hillsongs called “From The Inside Out”. Here’s a clip:

We’ll also be leading the now classic Rich Mullins/Kirk Franklin tune “He Reigns”.

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