Tip #8 for Writing Worship Songs: Take it on the Road

Tip #8: Share the song with a group you can worship with.
This is where I take the step of sharing the song with my church. If you are not a church musician with the luxury of a captive audience, then you could share the song with a prayer group, house church, or a group of friends. The point is to give the song away to the community. I don’t mean you give up your copyright ownership; I mean you let go of control of the song and give it like a gift to the people you care about. The artists work is a gift from the Spirit to be given away. It’s a little terrifying to open up yourself up to being vulnerable, but just consider how vulnerable the Lord Jesus was to subject himself to the incarnation, to become a baby. You are not your song. If the song fails, you are still a valid artist. Just toss it out and keep writing. My dad once told me that for every 30 songs, you get one keeper. Good writing comes from the same thing that makes a good musician: discipline, practice, and performance experience.

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