Wrote a song this morning

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I actually woke up this morning with this song in my head. As far as I know I wrote it, but let me know if I ripped it off. Usually when I write a song in my sleep I wake up and realize that it’s the “Juicy Fruit” song or something. As you check out the song, bear in mind that it’s a rough draft and I don’t usually share a song until it’s been revised a few times.

Here are the lyrics:

Let your justice roll
Let your grace restore
Let your mercy flow
upon the earth

Let your glory reign
Let your Spirit move
Let your truth remain
upon the earth

Let your kingdom come
Let your will be done
let it shine like the sun
Let your kingdom come

Here I am, Lord,
Send me

(c) 2009 Kirk Ward

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  1. #1 by Heidi on October 17, 2009 - 4:46 pm

    Ha! Do you remember how excited I was about writing a song for Soren? It came so natural, and I was excited to share it till I realized that I had simply put “MINUET IN G” to a fingerstyle. A shame really.

    Regarding your rough draft, the guitar part sounds great. Vocally it has a very anthem sorta quality-catchy. Seems like a good solid one to teach to the worship team, especailly, because it would sound great if you layered vocal parts (adding them one-by-one on the bridge). If I don’t make sense…have grace…I got my first good night of sleep but my brain may still be sleeping.

    • #2 by kirkwardmusic on October 23, 2009 - 12:26 pm

      Heidi, it’s good to have you back in the blogosphere. Now that you are not sitting at a desk all day, I guess you don’t have as much time to waste on reading blogs. Hooray for babies!

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