Black History Celebration 2010: A Good Start

Last night, we had our first planning meeting for this year’s Black History Celebration. I was so encouraged by the folks who were there. They seemed very enthusiastic and ready to help. This time last year, I was moving (we realized during the meeting that yesterday was one year to the day from when we moved) so I was a little too preoccupied to get on the ball. It was great to nail down a few ideas, commit to a theme and a set of tunes early. The scale of this event is always a little overwhelming. There’s usually around 50-60 people with specific tasks to do and a whole lot of music to prepare. I am planning on doing everything I can to either delegate the work or purchase completed arrangements to keep my transcription load to a minimum.

We were gravitating toward a theme focused on the history of missions in the African American church. Anyone know of a good gospel choir tune that is related to that theme? A couple of Houghton tunes come to mind (You Are Good and Cover The Earth) but we’ve run those into the ground.

Also, we had a great choir rehearsal yesterday. I was glad to see both Darwin and Lorie White as well as Parker and Debera Loveless there. Our choir has some really excellent singers which makes my job really easy to have solid leadership. We sang through Richard Smallwood’s “Total Praise”, my father’s “Who Can Separate Us?” and Ricky Dillard’s “The Light”. Next weekend, we’ll hopefully start working on the more challenging “Soon I Will Be Done” arrangement by William Dawson.


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