The Summer Ministry Gauntlet

This morning was the first day of my new summer schedule. First, I headed over to the church to lead a few songs and give a talk to the summer ministry teams. This week, the team is made up of high schoolers from Franklin, TN and Chicago, IL. We had a good time together. We sang Jesus My Great High Priest, I Got My Feet Shod and Mambo Sawa Sawa. My talk is based on Micah 6:8. It asks, how can we worship God authentically, with really meaning and purpose? Justice, Mercy and Humility. I’ve been doing talks with the teams since last summer, and I’ve struggled to keep it relevant to high school kids. I am a “head-in-the-clouds” kind of guy (my wife often grows weary of my verbal processing). So, it’s hard for me to communicate with the texting generation. LOL!

Ben Church is working with us this summer as a music/work project intern. In the mornings, he’s a music and in the afternoons he’s… I don’t know… a brick layer or something. Ben is heading up a group of InterVarsity students in leading worship for our summer tutoring. (I think it’s so cool how all these ministries feed off each other and interface so well.) I have tried to stay in an advisory role. I helped them with their first rehearsal on Friday, and I’ve been a sounding board for Ben, but tomorrow, they will not have me around. They are doing a great job!  It’s been very cool to work with them. I love the excitement and motivation of college students.

After the tutoring worship time, Ben and I did a bible study with two of the IV guys who are some of the leaders in the worship band, Eric and Jake. Today, we talked about the nature of drawing near to God. The picture that scripture paints is that drawing near to God is completely contingent on hi drawing near to us. As always, it’s all an act of grace! The tabernacle worship was a gift from God that was the means by which he allowed his people to draw near to him. It was the only way. In the New Testament, Jesus fulfills and explodes the tabernacle worship system into a call to all the nations to draw near to God in worship. He became The Way to worship; he is the Priest, the Temple and the Sacrifice.

So, this summer, I’ll be taking my day off on Fridays. It’s a little extra work for me, but I love it! It takes me back to my music intern days at NCF-Chatt.


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  1. #1 by worship360 on June 14, 2010 - 9:42 pm

    Man, internships are great. I have a student from Huntington right now who will finish up in July. It’s been great to have her on board with us…to see you grow? Yes. But also to have someone ask questions that force me to think and verbalize why we do what we do…good stuff.

    • #2 by kirkwardmusic on June 15, 2010 - 9:02 am

      “to have someone ask questions that force me to think and verbalize why we do what we do” – exactly. Knowing that I have to give biblical and practical training forces me to get into the word and to get my thoughts together.

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