Ode to Volunteer Assignments

Here’s a thing of beauty: A packed schedule before the notifications go out. That date in October that’s not done yet is the Church Retreat weekend, so I’m waiting to do that one.  But a calendar that’s full of assignment warms the cockles of my heart. Soon, the emails will go out like my little flying monkeys of ministry. Then all the people with desk jobs who are looking for any possible distraction away from work are the first responders. Later, the house wives who get one quiet moment a day to check their email. A few days pass and then the replies come from the people with unpredictable work schedules then people like Tanya Mark who have over-committed themselves to NCF’s billions of ministries. Then as the actual date approaches I get the responses from the people whose computer is perceived as a millstone around their necks who are making a huge sacrifice just to approach the object for the sake of love for Jesus. As the assignments go out, the neat clean look of the original calendar becomes scarred with crossed out names and lists of subs. The schedule that was once carefully balanced and crafted like an ancient banzai tree then looks mangled and grotesque. For now, I can bask in the order, the ritual, the sublime cleanliness of the schedule. Do I dare to even send the assignments? Could I freeze time and remain here in this moment of perfection?


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