Secrets revealed: all the chords I ever use…more or less.

Earlier this month, I was in Chattanooga for the New City Fellowship Music Conference. (check out my dad’s thoughts on it here.) I had the privileged of leading the Guitar for Worship clinic. It was a great time hanging with guitar players as well as music folk who needed to learn more about how to work with guitar players. [insert guitar player jokes here.] I knew that the subject was way to huge to cover in one hour, so I tried to give people a lot of stuff to take home and work on. Here’s one section of the handout that I created to give all you rock players a few of the basic chords that get used a lot in Contemporary Gospel. Print it out. Bring it to practice. Use one or two shapes that you don’t know yet every time you play in church.

Here’s the PDF link: Contemporary Gospel Chords

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