People Get Ready

graphics by Carrie JonesPulling together the set list for the Black History Celebration, we decided to have the Men’s Ensemble sing a classic tune by Curtis Mayfield and the Impressions, “People Get Ready.”  The message is clear that we need to be ready to “get on board” when the kingdom of God comes and that it’s all a wonderful gift of grace through faith. You don’t need a ticket; you just get on board. For me personally, the song conjures up memories of the early years of the first New City Fellowship when we met in the YMCA building on Michell Avenue in Chattanooga. I can remember watching the big neon sign for the Chattanooga Choo-Choo and smell of dust and sweat that filled the Y. Faded snapshots of those years show a mix of white, long-haired hippies (like my parents) along side young, inner-city, black folk with Afros and dashikis. In a church committed to reconciliation, your children grow up with a new cultural heritage that is a blend of cultures and which presents reconciliation as value that is fundamental to a healthy community of believers. My parents heard the call to get on board the train to Jordon, and they brought me and my sister along for the ride. I’m so thankful that I now share this heritage.

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