A note about intentionality

Here’s something new that we’re going to experiment with. This statement will now appear in our bulletin in order to give visitors and members alike a little glimpse into the intentionality of reconciliation that goes on in our church. We are not picking tunes based on one singular aesthetic ideal or liturgical tradition.

The order of worship at New City Fellowship is intentionally designed, in submission to scripture and Spiritual discernment,  to reflect the diversity of cultural traditions in our congregation. Our desire is that the principle of mutual submission in Christ Jesus will help us to glorify the Lord together with one voice even as we are individually stretched outside our personal traditions. Notes under the songs are reminders of the cultural tradition from which that song or style was created.

Songs in the bulletin will now include a note like “African American”, “Anglo American”, “New City Fellowship” or something like that. Non-English tunes will include a note about what language and what a rough translation of the title is. Our service can be pretty confusing to an outsider who is trying to nail down what our worship music style is.  My hope is that maybe we can give people a little idea of the thought and intention behind what might appear like chaos. More mercy!


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  1. #1 by John on April 2, 2011 - 7:10 pm

    I saw that when Dora emailed me the weekly bulletin. Cool idea.

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