An unexpected gift

We had a summer ministry team with us from Appleton Community EFC a few weeks ago. Their Associate Pastor/youth guy, Mike  Collison has been building his own cajons and did a special craft project with out tutoring kids in which they were able to build their own and then they had a big drum circle at the end of the week. Cool!

So, after returning from my vacation in sunny Pensacola Beach, FL I found a handmade, Mike Collison cajon sitting in my office. You can see where the whole youth group signed it on the bottom. The cajon has snares on the inside to better simulate a drum kit sound. I’m looking forward to next week’s staff prayer when we’ll be able to add some beats to our worship. The instrument is very well crafted; and I would recommend it to any serious player.

a quick conference update – we have 60 people registered and several more ministries to add to the list including
Chesterfield Pres (St Louis-ish, MO)
Grace Pres (Dover, DE)
City of Hope (Columbia, MD)
Alianza/Covenant Pres (Harrisonburg, VA)
New City Fellowship (Fredericksburg, VA)
New City Fellowship (Lancaster, PA)
a church plant from (Pasadena CA)


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