Covenant and the Gospel: Mythbusters

Myths are designed to prop up the false reality of oppression in a culture. How do I justify racism? Racism is justified by leaning on myths that dehumanize the ethic group that I want to oppress. How do I justify greed? Greed is justified by leaning on the myth that prosperity is a God-given right that is accessible to anyone who chooses not to be lazy.

In worship, we bring people back to the covenant and back to the gospel. The covenant, a promise that God has committed himself to redeeming his very good creation through his own sacrifice, destroys the myth of the American dream of unrestrained prosperity, self-gratification and comfort. The gospel, the good news that despite the depth of my brokenness I have been forgiven and restored to be a son and a new creation, is the antidote to the myth of D.I.Y. righteousness.

Worship the Lord of the covenant and the gospel. Dispel the clouds of doubt and fear that our culture has fed us through its mythology. Take up your cross and lose your life in order to find true life in the riches of the glory of the gospel of Jesus Christ. His kingdom is a glorious treasure so much deeper and richer than the empty promises of this world. Say “yes” to the Spirit and rejoice for Jesus reigns.

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