2012 NCF Good Friday/Res Sunday music preview

Did you notice that it’s passion week? This year was a little sneaky. Late enough that it wasn’t noticeably early. Early enough that it came up too fast. Not to mention the fact that the St Louis climate passed from spring to summer in the middle 2 weeks of March. Never-the-less, we are going to celebrate Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday this weekend and I’m stoked!

For Good Friday this year, we are focusing on Freedom. The work of Christ as the true Passover lamb has set us free from our slavery to sin,  set us free to be God’s chosen people, and set us free from all forms of oppression. Sonship, reconciliation, and justice! I opted to keep the band a little more scaled back and to have a lot of singers. Songs that I picked are mostly easy to sing and full of good, meaty content. The choir is bringing a couple of tunes to wrap it up, but they are also easy to sing along with. You can get a glimps of the set list here.

Resurrection Sunday (Easter) will be a little different for us this year. We’ve outgrown the ability to have one combined service preceded by a big breakfast. We will have to do our usual 2 services which means a little less music than usual. The music on Resurrection Sunday is pretty much the same every year with a couple of songs that are non-negotiable. In our case, those songs are “Christ the Lord Is Risen Today” and “Death Is Ended”. The choir will be also be performing a tune that Mattie Moss Clark wrote and Ashley Cleveland covered called “Going To Heaven To Meet the King”.  You can check out the full song order here.


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