Athoms Itinerary in the US this summer

I’ve been receiving a lot of calls and emails about Athoms schedule in the US this summer. If he’s coming through your region, I highly recommend that you make an effort to find these venues.

June 16-17: St Louis MO – Worship Concert at New City Fellowship, and Sunday morning 

TONIGHT 6:30 June 19: Congolese Music Seminar for Musicians at New City Fellowship

June 22 – 24: Dallas, TX  with Pastor Muzingu

June 25 – July 1: Atlanta, GA – New Jerusalem

July 4 – 8: Washington D.C. – Brother BOBO

July 13-16: Charlotte, NC – Pastor Freddy Shembo

July 20-21: St. Louis, MO – Prayer Retreat

July 22: Nashville, TN with Pastor Guy Wembo;

July 27-29: Champaign, IL – Creek Church with Pastor Grogan and Bloomington, IL – Papa Bompeya

BTW – we shot video, took photos and made recordings of the concert this past weekend. As soon as we have anything ready to share, I’ll post it here and the various other social networks.

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