Athoms and Nadege: a brief recap featuring pics and a song

Last month, we had a wonderful time of worship with Athoms and Nadege Mbuma from Kinshasa, D.R.Congo. The first half of the concert featured songs from the American church in English with some French and Lingala translation. Then Athoms shared some thoughts on worship from John 4. The woman that Jesus met at the well was so awestruck by her encounter with Jesus that she left her water jug behind and ran to tell everyone. Athoms admonished us to worship with that same vigor by leaving behind the details of life that consume our thoughts and to worship Jesus as an expression of wonder at who he is.  The second half of the music was a selection of songs from G.A.E.L. that featured Athoms and Nadege. The conclusion was an exciting song that Athoms told us was in the “folkloric” style called “Anyataka”. This song got everyone in the room jumping and dancing. Believe it or not – I don’t think that I’ve ever experienced so much joy, dance, and excitement in our worship than during that song.

Hopefully we’ll have some video at some point that I can share, but for now, here’s a track from the evening:

Here’s a simple lead sheet that I made of Anyataka

Here’s pics from Neil Das. You can find all the pics he took here.

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