Let’s Write a Song Together

This morning I was reading Deuteronomy 10:14-22 and it struck me how great this passage would be as a hymn. It covers a lot of ground: creation, grace, justice, service, praise, and redemption are just a few things that are packed in here. I was thinking a hymn because there’s a kind of strophic pattern to the the prose. Here’s how I imagined it:

Verse 1: To the Lord belongs all creation and yet he particularly set his affection on us, chose us and all generations. 

Verse 2: Humbly consecrate your heart to the Lord because he is the God of gods, Lord of Lords, holy and awesome. 

Verse 3: The Lord defends the fatherless, widow and alien and so we, as former aliens, are now empowered to do the same. 

Verse 4: Fear the Lord and serve him, holding fast to him and trusting in his name because he is “your praise” who is YOUR God who has performed awesome wonders for your deliverance. 

Verse 5: The Lord is faithful to his promises as demonstrated by the covenant to Abraham fulfilled in the blessing and redemption from Egypt. (This could poetically connect to the ultimate covenant fulfillment, Passover and freedom/exodus of Christ)

I’m more a composer than a poet and lyrics have always been my Achilles heal. Help me out O blog readers and friends. Send me a few lines of poetry, one verse or more and lets make a song as a community.

If I had to pick a form for the verse it would be anapestic tetrameter (Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house) and maybe the rhyme scheme could be ABCB. But send me anything that comes to you in the comments and we can always negotiate a compromise.

Come on y’all! Let’s be creative!!

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