NCF Music Ministry in the Fall of 2013


Wow, I haven’t written in my blog in a long time. (By the way, that sentence is one of my “pet peeves” of bloggers).

I’ve been too busy to check in for a while. I had a whole slew of work thrown my way in August and September and now that I’m getting my last few details worked out for this weekend’s church retreat, I have gotten a moment to breathe. I few items from my work recently have been participating in the New City Music Conference in Chattanooga. Then a few weeks later, I was involved in the music for the African American Leadership and Develop and Recruitment Conference (longest conference name ever!) Then we got to host the incomparable ethnodoxologist Paul Neely and his linguistic buddy J. Paul Thomas in our home for a few nights on the same weekend that we had another African Cultural Emphasis Sunday at NCF. Then after getting sick for a few days, we accepted a 4 month old boy as a foster  placement in our home just as my parents came for a visit. We had some fun times and now it’s almost time to head into the Missouri woods for some good ol’ church retreat fun. S’mores! Soft-serve ice cream! Canoes! Loud and raucous worship music!


Please pray for my music ministry in the following areas:

– We need a new choir director. We have a ready and willing choir, but no one to lead it.

– Our ministries (NCF&RSL) are in need of cash flow.

– Both of those problems are part of a deeper problem: I need more staff to address the needs of the music ministry at NCF. We can’t hire people without money to pay them.

– Please pray for me and Michelle Higgins and Joel Littlepage as we consider creating a new Community Gospel Choir together. (Still no choir director)

– Please pray for the music ministry at our other worship site in South City as Jules Gikundiro takes over the role of Director of Music (ch,ch,changes!)


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