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DATE AND TIME CHANGE for Guardian Grace CD Release Party

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Guardian Grace CD Release Party has been changed to FRIDAY, December 11. The start time has also changed to 6:30pm. The location is still New City Fellowship in University City (in the cafeteria).

I apologize for any inconvenience that this has caused.

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Pumpkin Bread and Tears at the Pre Releaese

Greg Bagby, James Ward, and Kirk Ward; pic by Erik Hersman

This past Monday, we had the “pre-release” party for my new CD, Guardian Grace. It was a pre-release, because the recording is completed, but it is still being manufactured by discmakers. (It’s supposed to ship this Wednesday.) We set up in “Rudy’s Room”, a little coffee bar in the fellowship wing of New City Fellowship in Chattanooga.

My mom made some delicious pumpkin bread that was inhaled by everyone there. You can tell that I am a serious pro because I made sure that my mom was there with homemade baked goodies. Seriously, I love it that my “fans” are people that I am relationally connected to and that are part of my community of Jesus-worshipers. However, it did make it a little hard to sing some of my songs without getting pretty weapy. When I looked out on the faces of friends and family who I know have gone through serious illness, trial, and loss and yet still hold to God’s unchanging hand, I could barely get the words out. Some of the songs on  Guardian Grace are the most emotionally vulnerable and transparent writing that I’ve ever done. I was affirmed after the show that these songs are valuable gifts to share with people who need to sing about their trials, the glory of God, and the power of the gospel.

Thank you, everyone who came and ordered a CD early.

Here’s a Facebook album of more pics that my bro-in-law Erik shot.

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Guardian Grace CD Release Party

I am excited to say that Guardian Grace is in production and will be available to purchase at the Guardian Grace Release Party on December 13 6pm at New City Fellowship Church. The party will include a performance and some refreshments.

There will also be a Guardian Grace “Pre-Release” Party in Chattanooga TN, on November 23 6:30, at New City Fellowship Church in Chattanooga. At the pre-release, we will be “pre-selling” CDs that will be shipped to Chattanooga and distributed after December 13.  I will also perform songs from the CD with my friends Jim Crumble, Greg Bagby, and my dad, James Ward.

At both parties, we will provide free shipping to anyone who is buying the CD as a gift for someone out of town. Bring their addresses to the party, and we’ll do the rest: packaging, paying shipping costs and getting them into the mail asap.

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Guardian Grace mp3s now FOR SALE!!

KW-GuardianGrace-coverYou can now purchase mp3s through my Store.

Or if your short on cash, go to the Songs tab on my blog to listen to songs from Guardian Grace as well as read the lyrics and get a little bit of back story behind them.

The CD is currently in production and it should be available in the first week of December (if the crik don’ rise.)

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What you can do to support my music

I’ve had a lot of encouraging feedback these past few weeks from friends who are excited about my pending CD release. Some folks have already purchased their copy and some have even given me money gifts to support the recording costs. That’s wonderful! However, most of you might not have the cash to do that and aside from buying your own copy you might think that there’s not much you can do to help. Actually, there is a lot of ways for everyone who enjoys my songs to get word out and help create some viral marketing. Yeah!

So, here’s what you can do to support my music:

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Walk The Talk

Here’s a track from my CD, Guardian Grace. This song was written as the theme song for the 2002 Urban Camp in Chattanooga, TN. The recording features some special guests: Michelle Higgins from The Distribution on back ground vocals and my dad, James Ward, on Rhodes. It was a lot of fun to create this cool hip-hop/funk groove to standout from the rest of the tunes on the CD.

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A preview of Guardian Grace

Up until now, I’ve been pretty secretive about the details of my new CD to give myself a little freedom to make last minute changes. At this point, everything is done, so I can finally share some of what you can expect to see in a few weeks. Enjoy!


KirkWard-GuardianGraceKenneth Zarecki did the design and Edward Crim did the back cover photo. I am extremely pleased with the results. Check out Ken’s blog to get a look into what went into the design concept.

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CD release announcements pending

The master is about to be completed and the graphics are already sent to discmakers. As soon as the master is shipped off, I will be able to set a “release date” and then announce a CD release party.

I have already been talking with my dad about a “pre-release” party to be at New City Fellowship in Chattanooga on November 23. The CDs will not be available by then, but probably the next week, so we will be taking orders then.

Peter Binnington has the honor of being the first person to purchase the CD. If you would like to give me money now, I will reserve a copy for you. The new CD will be $15, so send me an email and I will hook you up.

Hopefully, I will have mp3s available for purchase by the end of this week through my store at CDfreedom, facebook or myspace. The entire CD can be downloaded for $11.

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Listening to Mixes

I’m sitting in my office listening to mixes for the new recording. This is basically the last stage of the creative process for the recording. We listen to the tracks over and over to fix any little issues that are there. After the mixes are determined to be ready, we send them on to be mastered. The master is sent to Discmakers and two weeks later we get a box of 1000 CDs to sell to the public.

This is really going to happen!

[picapp src=”4/2/d/f/Controls_on_sound_7980.jpg?adImageId=6395006&imageId=5068047″ width=”234″ height=”156″ /]

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I just got off the phone with Discmakers. The ball is rolling!

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