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New Song: “Awesome” Charles Jenkins and Fellowship Chicago

“My God is awesome.”

That’s the hook for this new song that our church is going to learn this weekend. Of course, “Awesome” is a word that gets over-used in our American lexicon.

“That movie was awesome!”
“This pizza is awesome!”

As if the misuse of “awesome” wasn’t bad enough, sometimes we add an adverb to modify it further:

“Your hair looks totally awesome!”

Obviously, we are not awe-struck by the pizza, and the hair-do does not strike awe to all who behold it. A quick search of the use of “awesome” in the bible brings up 33 references in the ESV. Most of them are describing God’s awesome deeds done on behalf of his people. He is awesome because He has demonstrated His power in wondrous acts of  deliverance and justice. So, the “awe” inspiring traits of God are not like the wonder of something like the Grand Canyon. It’s more like the way we use the word to describe a relentless military campaign of  “shock and awe”.

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