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New songs from Congo and Kenya

Two weeks ago, we had another African worship service at New City Fellowship. I enjoyed working on the service, but Friday night before the rehearsal, I got to experience the stomach bug that’s been going around. So even though I was out for the rest of the weekend, I wanted to share two of the songs that we added to the repertoire that weekend.

Moyo is from Congo and in Lingala, it’s basically saying, “Greetings Mother, Father, Youth” in the chorus. The verses say, “You can’t get to heaven by your riches, wisdom, strength, but you have to be changed by Jesus.”

Amenitendea is supposedly a classic song in Kenya. My wife says she remembers singing the song when she lived there as a missionary kid. In Swahili, it’s saying, “He has done it for me!” and the following verses go into what he’s done: “Saved me, blessed me, etc.” and then  it’s offering praises.

I hope to have charts for both of these up on in the near future.


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Congolese Drum


This drum is a hollowed out log with an animal skin head attached with small nails.  In order to tune the head, you have place the drum near a fire. When no fire is available, a space heater will suffice.

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African Gospel Lyrics | Praising the Lord… African style!

African Gospel Lyrics | Praising the Lord… African style!.

Check out this awesome blog I found. The blog features 2 or more new songs a day with embedded youtube clips and lyrics. From what I’ve seen, most of the songs are in Swahili or Zulu but there are songs from all over Africa. English translations are often included.

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Sunday’s Set List – August 19, 2012

I Know I’ve Been Changed – traditional spiritual

Before I Knew –  from my CD Guardian Grace

God Great God – Kurt Carr singers

Anyataka – from Congo.

Restless – Audrey Assad (a new song for our church)

Im So Glad Jesus Lifted Me – traditional gospel tune

Rock of Ages – my dad, James Ward, created a new melody to this old classic. #500 in the “red” Trinity Hymnal.

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Athoms Itinerary in the US this summer

I’ve been receiving a lot of calls and emails about Athoms schedule in the US this summer. If he’s coming through your region, I highly recommend that you make an effort to find these venues.

June 16-17: St Louis MO – Worship Concert at New City Fellowship, and Sunday morning 

TONIGHT 6:30 June 19: Congolese Music Seminar for Musicians at New City Fellowship

June 22 – 24: Dallas, TX  with Pastor Muzingu

June 25 – July 1: Atlanta, GA – New Jerusalem

July 4 – 8: Washington D.C. – Brother BOBO

July 13-16: Charlotte, NC – Pastor Freddy Shembo

July 20-21: St. Louis, MO – Prayer Retreat

July 22: Nashville, TN with Pastor Guy Wembo;

July 27-29: Champaign, IL – Creek Church with Pastor Grogan and Bloomington, IL – Papa Bompeya

BTW – we shot video, took photos and made recordings of the concert this past weekend. As soon as we have anything ready to share, I’ll post it here and the various other social networks.

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June 16 – Worship Concert featuring Athoms and Nadége

Internationally celebrated Congolese performer and pastor, Athoms Mbuma and his wife, Nadége will be joining the New City Fellowship musicians in presenting a special cross-cultural worship concert on June 16 at 6:30pm in the gym. Folks from all backgrounds are encouraged to attend this expression of reconciliation through the power of the Gospel.

Here’s a link to a facebook event where you can learn more: Worship Concert featuring Athoms and Nadége.


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Worship Concert at NCF featuring Athoms and Nadege

So even though my trip to DR Congo was usurped by the adoption, we still have the opportunity once again to have Athoms and his wife, Nadege, join us at New City Fellowship for a couple weeks. We are planning on having a seminar on Congolese worship combined with a seminar on African American worship (at the request of Athoms). There will also be a special worship concert Saturday, June 16 at 6:30pm that will combind his music with ours for an evening of celebrating the reconciliation power of the gospel of Jesus.


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Help Me Get To Kinshasa, DR Congo

I’m excited to share with you about an opportunity that I have to go to Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo. My church, New City Fellowship sends a team to Kinshasa every year to maintain relationships with pastors there as we work on building health clinics and caring for orphans. These relationships developed as Congolese immigrants became part of our church family in St Louis, and we began to share their concern for the welfare of the DRC. Our vision is to partner with churches in Kinshasa to encourage each other in the gospel of Jesus Christ to walk in the light of the kingdom and to produce good works of love and mercy.

Whenever we hear about the D.R. Congo in the States, we usually hear about the violent civil wars or the widespread poverty. However, despite its hardships, the D.R. Congo produces unique and exciting forms of music known as Soukous and Rhumba. The Congolese style of virtuosic guitar playing has garnered fans all over the world, and is a technique that I aspire to master. Every year, when the New City Fellowship team returns from Kinshasa, they share with me stories of amazing musicians and passionate worship that defies the suffering in which it is born.

Last summer, I had the opportunity to meet with Athoms Mbuma, a pastor and musician from Kinshasa. Athoms and his wife are members of Le Groupe Adorons L’Éternel or G.A.E.L., a band of musicians who produce the best known worship music from the Congo. Athoms led songs in our worship service, gave a special concert, taught a clinic on Congolese music, and even gave me a guitar lesson. I was very blessed to meet Athoms for his skill, his faith, and his encouragement. Before he returned to Kinshasa, Athoms invited me to come visit him and to experience Congolese worship at its source.

The door has opened for me to accept that invitation by traveling to Kinshasa with the New City Fellowship team from May 25-June 6. In addition to pastors and medical professionals, we will have two other musicians on the team, Tony Myles and Suzanne Bates. We hope to both learn more about Congolese music and to share some about American music at a 3 day pastor’s conference. Pastor Athoms plans to return with us at the conclusion of our visit in order to have a special concert and worship clinic in St Louis.

Obviously, we need your prayers for safe travel and for spiritual fruit, but we also need financial help. This trip will cost $3000 for each member to travel. My family and I will use $1000 of our personal funds toward the costs, but we need your help to cover the additional $2000 which would be possible if 40 families gave $50 each. If you would like to contribute, please write a check to “NEW CITY FELLOWSHIP” with “WARD-CONGO” in the memo and send it to New City Fellowship, 1142 Hodiamont, St Louis MO 63112.


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Soukous (Congolese) Bass Lesson

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Rape of a Nation: A Short Film on The Democratic Republic of Congo

Here’s a video I watched online today about the Democratic Republic of Congo. There is a community of Congolese immigrants in our church. I’ve grown to love Congolese music and worship. Please cry out and mourn for the Congolese people. Our Father sees from heaven, and His kingdom will prevail against the gates of hell.

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