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God Spoke

The pastor at our South City worship site, Kevin Vanden Brink led Staff Prayer this morning and he talked about the meaning of the creation narrative in our theology. We talked afterward about the need for good creation songs. So I wrote one.

God Spoke

God spoke to the darkness, let there be light
The Sun in the day, moon and stars in the night
Let there be waters, mountains and sky
With creatures that swim, run, crawl and fly

Chorus: What God has spoken shall come to pass
His word is faithful; his promises last
If you are broken; if you are weak
Restoration’s coming for your King and Creator will speak

God spoke to the ashes, “You are my son
You are the masterpiece of all I have done
Become my image, become alive
I bless you to live and I bless you to thrive

God spoke through his prophets; my cup of wrath will pour
For the hands you stretch in prayer, bring oppression to the poor
So my arm will work salvation and restore what was lost
My blood will bring atonement to pay the ransom cost

God spoke to this sinner, let grace abound
Let all creation now sing and resound
Let there be justice; let there be peace
That the praises of creation shall begin and never cease

Kirk Ward 2014

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