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Congolese Drum


This drum is a hollowed out log with an animal skin head attached with small nails.  In order to tune the head, you have place the drum near a fire. When no fire is available, a space heater will suffice.

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Check out “Out of the Drawer”

Out of the Drawer.

This is a link to my buddy, Mike Collison’s handmade percussion gig. He specializes in handmade cajons and variations on that theme using reclaimed wood. If you are unfamiliar with the concept, it’s basically a wooden box that you sit on and play like a hand drum. They usually also incorporate snares into the design so that you can replicate a drumset sound in a small, portable box. Mike is also a pastor and a guy who lives out the kingdom in so many different ways.  Contact Mike and have him design a cajon just for you.

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Agwaya Beat

a little sample of the stuff Athoms shared with us last night at the Congo Music seminar.

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