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Communication Ministry at New City Fellowship

We need gifted and passionate servants at our church to serve in the Communication Ministry. Communication Ministry uses the gifts of aesthetics, design, and composition through images and text to share information in a compelling and engaging way. As an artist, I know that I can use a song to covey a message in a much more powerful and meaningful way than if that same message is simply read. I can read a sermon, but a gifted pastor can present a sermon in a more compelling way through their oratory skills. In the same way, just about anyone can create a power point presentation or a make a digital video, but without the particular gifts, their presentation is not as compelling.

In our worship service, we use projected text to give the congregation the words of the songs we’re singing. Just like singing, the process of switching slides in time with a song is something almost anyone can do, but not every person is uniquely gifted as a leader. I have to confess that as the leader of the worship music ministries, I have mostly been looking for “warm bodies” to just show up and click the button. However, I have become more aware recently that I have been presenting this service opportunity in the wrong light. No one wants to just serve in any ministry as a “warm body”. God created us to have particular gifts that reflect his glory in us. I would love to find volunteers for our ministry that are longing for an opportunity to let these gifts be unleashed for the service of the kingdom. Please take a moment to pray for this vision.

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