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New songs from Congo and Kenya

Two weeks ago, we had another African worship service at New City Fellowship. I enjoyed working on the service, but Friday night before the rehearsal, I got to experience the stomach bug that’s been going around. So even though I was out for the rest of the weekend, I wanted to share two of the songs that we added to the repertoire that weekend.

Moyo is from Congo and in Lingala, it’s basically saying, “Greetings Mother, Father, Youth” in the chorus. The verses say, “You can’t get to heaven by your riches, wisdom, strength, but you have to be changed by Jesus.”

Amenitendea is supposedly a classic song in Kenya. My wife says she remembers singing the song when she lived there as a missionary kid. In Swahili, it’s saying, “He has done it for me!” and the following verses go into what he’s done: “Saved me, blessed me, etc.” and then  it’s offering praises.

I hope to have charts for both of these up on in the near future.


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African Gospel Lyrics | Praising the Lord… African style!

African Gospel Lyrics | Praising the Lord… African style!.

Check out this awesome blog I found. The blog features 2 or more new songs a day with embedded youtube clips and lyrics. From what I’ve seen, most of the songs are in Swahili or Zulu but there are songs from all over Africa. English translations are often included.

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